Boston Bullion Review

Choosing a company to invest in is one of the most challenging decisions to make. That is why people should look for accurate and reliable information before settling on a particular company.

In this Boston Bullion review, interested bullion investors and collectors will get to know about Boston Bullion.

About Boston Bullion

Boston Bullion was established in 2016. This Cambridge-based bullion dealer provides precious metals like platinum, palladium, silver, and gold. The company serves clients in Massachusetts and surrounding states. People interested in their products can purchase them through the official website.

Rather than having tons of employees in a vast structure, Boston Bullion’s operations are run by the owner, Kenneth. He understands the real needs of his clients with his long years in the precious metal industry.

The company offers rare coins, including silver and gold. Palladium and platinum products are sometimes available. They believe in the silver and gold’s intrinsic value in real money. Their view is not to buy and sell to get rich quickly but to hold precious metal products for the long term.

Boston Bullion sees silver and gold as great hedges against financial crisis or unstable fiat currency. These metals can quickly be liquidated when cash is needed and provide generational wealth.

According to the owner, “We strive to be the most transparent and straightforward Bullion Dealers to our customers and will always truthfully tell our customers our thoughts and insights about the precious metals industry.”

Decent Precious Metals Inventory on Hand

Boston Bullion is a small precious metal company that is mainly managed by Kenneth, the founder and owner. According to customers, they have had good experiences with the company because of Kenneth’s honesty and integrity. He is famous for providing accurate information. The company also maintains a decent precious metal inventory on hand.

Interested buyers who live farther away from the Massachusetts area can still purchase precious metals through Boston Bullion’s official website. They can visit this website to place their orders. They can quickly sort between silver and gold product categories on the site.

The company’s site displays prices online that are based on the silver or gold’s market value on a particular day. If coins are unpriced, interested buyers have to ask for a quote. That is because those metals are rarer collectibles.

Since precious metal prices are listed on the website, buyers can easily compare them to the competing dealers’ prices and to their melt valve. In most cases, precious metal dealers do not give buyers a quote until they call. As a result, they find it more challenging to determine the best possible competing prices.

With Boston Bullion, pricing is fair. The company does not have similar large markups that other precious metals dealers use. Precious metal buyers are more likely to see the investment growth over time, especially since no huge commission is involved.

The precious metal company allows getting the order before speaking to an employee. After payment is made, the metals are shipped to the buyers. For local buyers, they can shop for products in person at the company storefront in Massachusetts.

When placing the final order, buyers have to call the company. At the time, they have to confirm their shipping details as well as the quantity of the metals.

Furthermore, the company provides a wide array of resources for individuals who want to know more about its products. For example, the company has a blog about the different factors that impact the precious metals marketplace. People can also visit their FAQs section and other resources that explain the precious metal value.

Buying Precious Metals from Boston Bullion

Prospective precious metal buyers can assemble their orders by using the company’s online shopping cart. However, since Boston Bullions does not have an eCommerce platform, buyers should call the company during business hours when placing an order. Even though they can put their orders earlier, the said shopping cart tends to be more of a shopping list.

After placing an order over the phone, the product’s price is locked. Buyers must realize they will not see an increase in the cost, even if the precious metal’s value goes up after the cost locks. They also agree to purchase the precious metal even if the metal’s value drops.

Payments are made with different methods, including wire transfers, personal checks, and cashier’s checks. In terms of checkout, the company does not accept any credit cards. If buyers send physical checks, there will be a 48-hour postmark date following the order confirmation. They are expected to main their payment within the 24-hour order placement.

If they order at least 5 oz gold, they can enjoy free shipping, a free service that other companies do not offer. On the other hand, smaller purchases require a $19.95 flat fee. This amount is a bit more compared to other online precious metal company charge.

All orders are shipped alongside registered priority mail. This means buyers can receive their orders within a few business days. It is good to note that since the boxes have full product insurance, they must sign for them. In case they are not around during the delivery day, the post office will redelivery them later.

If potential buyers want the easiest payment method, they should go for the bank wire transfer. Aside from skipping the snail mail, the orders are shipped within the two-day payment clearing. If they use checks, this precious metal dealer will hold onto the precious metals for at least 10 business days before sending the orders.

Selling Precious Metals

This Boston Bullion review section discusses selling bullion to the company.

Precious metal collectors and investors can sell metals to Boston Service. The easiest way to sell them using the company service is by personally going to the store. On the other hand, if they do not live in the Boston area and cannot go to the store in person, they can still sell bullion with the steps below:

Step 1: Give the dealer a call telling them about the items

Step 2: Check the email to see the packing slip and print it

Step 3: Package and ship the items based on the instructions provided on the slip

Step 4: The seller receives a call with the cost locked in once the items arrive

Step 5: A check or wire transfer is sent in between 1 to 5 business days

Boston Bullion also provides a straightforward gold and silver chart so that sellers will know what the company buys. The company also offers information about the provided costs.

If someone owns any of the precious metals listed on the website, they can sell them to Boston Bullion, whether they originally bought them there or not. The dealer only accepts silver coins or gold coins that meet the grading quality standard or in the original packaging.

The buy prices are quoted 3% lower than the dealer’s sale prices in most cases. The sellers can be confident about the transactions because the company is very transparent when it comes to the formula they use when determining the quote on the website.

Is Boston Bullion a Scam?

The answer is NO. Boston Bullion might be more famous for local clients compared to online; the company is not a scam as they offer legitimate and honest products and services. The company is even accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They hold an A+ ranking alongside positive customer reviews. They are true to what they are advertising.

Many customers who sold or bought bullion from the company praise the founder and owner for their dependability and honesty. According to them, the owner provides straightforward answers regarding the pricing as well as answer different questions about precious metals, like coins or bars. They have even seen him with pet tarantulas. If potential buyers and sellers cannot make in-person transactions, they can still sell or buy bullion online.

In comparison to other precious metal companies, Boston Bullion only has a few online reviews. However, all of the customer feedback is positive. Many customers praise the company for its fair pricing and quick transactions. There are no complaints found.

The company is the best option for buyers or sellers with coin collection who want a quick business and get reasonable pricing. Rather than giving vague promises and estimates, the owner always provides clients with fair quotes for their sales and purchases.

Boston Bullion Pros and Cons


  • Trustworthy and honest owner
  • Prices are listed daily online according to the global market value
  • It has a good BBB rating and positive customer reviews
  • Excellent customer services for both bullion buy and sell


  • The dealership lacks IRA expertise
  • Most business transactions are done at the storefront instead of online


To sum up this Boston Bullion review, Boston Bullion is a trusted and solid company with an excellent reputation not only in the New England area but also in the surrounding states. Interested buyers or sellers can do business with the company by visiting the Cambridge storefront or placing orders online. All online orders require confirmation by phone instead of checking out with the shopping cart.

Despite being a small business, Boston Bullion made it possible to compete with bigger companies in the precious metal industry. Many clients praise the company owner for being straightforward, dependable, and honest. Aside from answering their questions accurately and professionally, he also gives simple buying and selling price quotes. Clients also appreciate the fair price they get with precious metals sales.

Meanwhile, this precious metal company mostly serves clientele near the storefront. The company also lacks the retirement planning services that many precious metal companies have. So, clients can look for better companies that can provide certain features that Boston Bullion lacks. However, if someone wants to buy or sell bullion at a fair price, this company is the best option.

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